Eat, Sleep, Move, Live… Better.

Your health is so much more than a list of symptoms to be treated one at a time, in 15 minutes or less. The path to ideal health requires us to look at the whole picture, not one puzzle piece at a time.

Your health is personal.
The support you receive should be too.

Think of the human body as a high-performance machine – an integrated network of finely tuned systems. Each part plays a vital role in the function and wellness of the whole, and your experience of health is the direct result.

When we approach your health with data and a whole-body perspective, we skip the guesswork.

Optimize Your Health

with truly personalized care.

Generic health strategies promise to prevent disease and slow aging, but everyone is different...

How do you know what will work best for you?

I started Innate Wellness to address this question, using data - not guesswork - to navigate your health.

Beyond the Bandaid:

A deeply personalized plan that meets your unique needs.

I use comprehensive, scientific approaches to optimize every aspect of your health: nutrition, supplementation, sleep, movement, cognition, mindfulness and more. 

Together, we resolve root cause issues using natural, cutting-edge approaches.

We avoid band-aids and treat pharmaceutical drugs as a last resort.

We do all this using solutions that fit your lifestyle, maximizing adherence and ensuring your long-term success.

Far From Conventional.

Biomedical Researcher-turned-Human Optimization Specialist.

I’m Dr Mary Pines,

With over 20 years in research and a PhD in Molecular Biology, Genetics & Biochemistry, I look through a systems-based lens to investigate opportunities to optimize your health with an integrative approach unlike any other practitioner.

Learn more about me here.

Truly unparalleled service

All the ingredients you need to succeed.

Clear guidance, consistent action, and the right support system to make your healthy lifestyle simple and easy.

You receive:

Tools: recipes, shopping guides, organizational resources and technologies to help and track your progress.

Direction: Detailed meeting notes, personalized supplements, protocols and educational resources.

Support: Ongoing, ‘anytime’ support between sessions means your questions never go unanswered.

Learn more about the deliverables here.

Let’s work together so you feel better.