Precision. Prevention. Advocacy.


Hi! I’m Mary.

I combine my scientific expertise with outside-the-box thinking to create a master plan you can use to improve your health, prevent disease and maximize your longevity.

Evolved healthcare is about optimizing your health and longevity.

It’s about maximizing your ‘healthspan’ and preventing disease, rather than waiting until you’re sick to take action.

It addresses root-cause issues rather than just symptoms.

It’s about getting the right treatments from the right people along the way.

And it brings you back to balance & vitality – to your innate wellness.

Far From Conventional.


I’m not a medical doctor. I’m not a health coach. I don’t diagnose or treat diseases.

I’m a biomedical scientist-turned-integrative health expert.

I help you get to the root causes of your health issues so that you feel years younger and live longer.

I use science-based, integrative, natural approaches to improve your health.

I guide, empower & advocate for you.

I team with medical professionals to support you.

I combine 20 years of experience + a PhD in Molecular Biology, Genetics & Biochemistry with a passion for precision & practicality.

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Better help = better outcomes.

I know that navigating your health and the medical system can be frustrating and complex.

Everyone needs different things. And it can’t be done in a few minutes, an hour or a few visits to the doctor.

Generic health plans promise to prevent disease and slow aging, but everyone is different…

How do you know what will work best for you?

I started Innate Wellness to tackle this question.

Skip the Guesswork

with a deeply personalized plan.

I take into account SO much more about you when we work together than any visit to a doctor or any other service out there:
-your family and personal history,
-lab results,
-wearable data
-personal preferences
and more. 

Together, we refine what works for you to create your perfect fit - a long-term plan that feels easy and enjoyable.

Your health is personal

and multifaceted.

The care you receive should be too.

This approach is comprehensive, addressing every aspect of your health: nutrition, supplementation, sleep, movement, cognition, mindfulness and more. 

I use natural, lifestyle-based strategies back by science and the best in modern medicine, and treat pharmaceutical drugs as a last resort.

I collaborate with your existing care providers and link you with other medical or health professionals who can best serve you.

Unparalleled support

And all the ingredients you need to succeed.

Tools: Personalized recipes, supplements, tech & wearable recommendations, learning resources (podcasts, articles, etc) and organizational frameworks.

Direction: One-on-one meetings, follow-up notes, custom protocols, connections with the right practitioners and integration with your current care team.

Support: Ongoing, ‘anytime’ support by email and text between sessions means your questions never go unanswered.

Clear guidance, consistent action, and the right support systems make it easy.

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Whether you need medical attention or not,

 our work together takes your health to the next level.

I teach you how your body works & what you need to be your healthiest self well into the future.

Maximize your ‘healthspan’ – not just your lifespan – so you age gracefully and joyfully.

Let’s work together so you feel better.