Consulting Services

Unlike standard approaches in medicine, we begin your journey to optimal health with in-depth analyses that reveal:

1. What is happening in your body,

2. What your body needs to thrive, and 

3. How best to support your health now and well into the future.

The more data we have, the more efficiently and effectively we can optimize your health.

Integrative + Data-Driven + Customized
= Your Optimal Health Strategy


I study a wide array your data as the “compass” to navigate your health with precision:

Genetic Analysis:

Your DNA blueprint offers clues on how you are innately ‘wired,’ helping identify what foods and lifestyles may work best for your body and where you may need help.

Labs & state-of-the-art testing:

I look at your biochemistry to understand how your cells and tissues are functioning and where you may need additional support.


“Wearables” (like the Oura Ring, FitBit, etc) offer real-time insight into your overall bodily status, and how you respond to lifestyle changes as we progress.

life experience:

Cognitive state, sense of self, outlook and life history impact  physical health tremendously. I assess yours through in-depth interviews and follow-up sessions. 

optimal Health & Longevity planS


A level of support that goes above and beyond, these plans are unlike anything on the market today.

 We work together over least 4-6 months to transform your health and vitality.


1. Book your free 20-minute Discovery call.

2. We’ll review your unique health profile, the best labs for you & prioritize your immediate and long-term optimization goals.

3. You decide on the best program and I create your bio-individual optimization program.

4. Regular one-on-one coaching, messaging, organizational tools, recipes, assistance with ordering supplements and wearables, collaboration with other medical professionals & access to amazing, cutting-edge resources to empower and inspire your progression. We adapt your plan as you improve or find friction, helping you stay on track.


Phases of Treatment

1. Intake

200+ questions and assessment of all of your history & medical records. My team & I arrange your lab tests, supplements, technologies, and any doctor/professional referrals you need to succeed.

2. Roadmap creation

I comb through all of your data, curate your best strategies, and set goals and timelines according to your preferences and lifestyle constraints. We meet to debrief and outline your roadmap.

3. learn & progress

Regular 1-on-1 meetings, follow-ups and ‘anytime’ support ensure your continual progress. Customized organizational tools and resources are provided to educate and inspire.  

4. mastery

You feel great, know your body’s needs, and have curated a team of trusted health professionals. You’re empowered and equipped to navigate your health (and the medical system) in the future.

optimal Health & longevity plan : Investment

Pricing varies according to the plan you need and will be assessed during your Discovery Session. Payment plans are available.

Please note: When you purchase a plan, you are not just getting a set diet and exercise program. In our work together, you are paying for access to decades of research and knowledge, and highly personalized, in-depth analysis of your health history, labs, and other information to create a custom plan tailored to you, your body, and your best health.

hourly consulting


True health optimization is a process that takes time, experimentation, deep study and careful guidance. To scratch the surface requires at least 15 hours of interview, data analysis and reporting time, regardless of the state of your health.

Thus, due to the comprehensive nature of my work, I generally do not recommend hourly consulting. 

An hourly approach can work well for those who have already studied their health in depth. However, for those who need more help or who want to learn how their bodies work and how to navigate their health for the rest of their lives, I recommend the Optimal Health & Longevity plan outlined above. 


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