Here’s what clients are saying.

I didn’t think that I needed a doctor, I considered myself really healthy, and rarely did I ever visit a doctor, then I was introduced to Dr Mary, WOW was I ever wrong!!!

The poor sleeping habits, the regular night-time heartburn, the weight gain which I put down to Covid, to name just a few of the conditions that I thought were not such a big deal, were conditions which Dr Mary has very quickly and completely eliminated, and I feel fantastic!
Her scientific approach to health – and just to be clear there are no chemical drugs in her bag! – is a proactive, natural approach, combined with lifestyle, exercise and diet!
She is attentive, very likeable and constant in her delivery, I now understand why I am who I am and what makes me tick, I have found the process fascinating and understandable.
I made sure that she is now working with my entire family!
Maggi Thornhill

Award-winning Real Estate Entrepreneur, Grandmother. Whistler, BC, Canada.

I came to Mary feeling helpless and not sure I’d ever find someone who could help me with my insomnia, which I’ve struggled with for 12 years. After working with her for a month, I’ve not only been sleeping better but actually slept straight through a full night recently. That hasn’t happened in 5 years.

On top of helping me sleep, Mary has opened up an entire new path for me to optimize my health in every facet. And that is, in fact, how she helped me sleep better: by looking at the entire picture of my current state of health and all of my life patterns.

Mary is, by far, the most comprehensive, intelligent, friendly health optimization practitioner I’ve ever worked with, and there have been many. I can’t recommend her highly enough.

Forest Linden

Founder & Tech Entrepreneur - Clarity Lab, Father, Athlete. Boulder, CO, USA.

Dr Pines is providing me a much, much better awareness of my biological makeup and how I can improve on it on the molecular level – targeting my cells and their needs to stay healthy and alive.

Dr Pines is like a personal trainer for the inside of my body!

All can benefit from working Dr Pines – hers is a personalized service, specific to you. She is your personal trainer, on a cellular level!

You want to work with Dr Pines because she is a PhD who works at the highest level to understand your body’s needs, your genetic makeup, and everything that can help make you feel and live better.

Some of the results I’ve seen since working with her for 3 months: my gut health and bowel movements were way better, my sleep – which I always struggled with – is incredible, I have WAY more energy (maybe too much!) and I’m not as hungry as I used to be, so I eat less and I eat foods I  now know are best for my body.

Thank you Dr Pines!!

Wayne Katz

Entrepreneur, Restauranteur, Athlete. Whistler, BC, Canada.

Western medicine can leave me feeling unsupported, and has failed to address my issues.

Seeing any single practitioner can’t address my nutritional or other needs to the depth I require, the depths to which Mary works.

Working with Mary means having access to information not readily available to most people. Her passion for science, biohacking, nutrition, human optimization and so much more has given her the edge in addressing deep underlying issues that other medical approaches would never have uncovered. Hers is the most thorough method of addressing one’s whole health, in a holistic and fully supportive way.

Above all, Mary is incomparably dynamic: most people don’t have access or insight into the newest science and health trends, nor would they be able to decipher their legitimacy or utility. However, Mary uses her extensive education and experience to filter and distill the exact information required to create systems which can help anybody.

Her thorough, all-encompassing approach incorporates all of the elements needed to create a successful path to optimal health, incorporating the right balance of discipline, flexibility, independence and so much more.

Isabella Bailey

CEO & Company Founder, Serial Entrepreneur, Mother. Vancouver, BC, Canada.


Partnerships with trusted experts


Chanel is Mary’s key medical partner in her work with patients in BC. Their philosophies align around uncovering root cause issues and using integrative medicine (before drugs) to heal discomfort and disease.

Chanel’s expertise includes naturopathic medicine, acupuncture, botanical medicine (Western and Chinese approaches), orthomolecular medicine, intravenous and intramuscular nutrient injections, regenerative or pain management injections (such as prolotherapy and neural therapy).

Chanel has a general practice with a focus on women’s health and hormone imbalance, fatigue and burnout, concussion and traumatic brain injury, autoimmune disease, sports injuries and pain management.

Chanel is certified in Pharmaceutical Prescriptive Authority, IV Therapy & Advanced Injection Therapies. She has an MSc and a Degree in Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine from Bastyr University (Seattle, WA). She also holds a Doctorate of Naturopathic Medicine from Boucher Institute (Vancouver, BC). 


Dr. Tusek practices broad-spectrum primary care with an emphasis on functional medicine, anti-aging medicine, and advanced diagnostics. His goal is to help his patients through a personalized partnership that focuses on thoughtful conversations and shared decision-making in order to optimize his patients’ health and help them live their best life.

”I’m passionate about the interface between our human potential for meaningfulness, abundant health and an optimal quality of life–and in the design of societal structures which enable these to flourish in an efficient, affordable, and sustainable manner by harnessing the intelligence of the collective.”



Dr. Evangelos Papoutsis has been practicing Biological Dentistry for 25 years. He focuses on bio-compatible and oral systemic health with a holistic approach. His focus is biomimetic dentistry, which is the science and art of replicating nature. With the use of biocompatible and esthetic materials, Dr. Papoutsis strives to integrate dental rehabilitation with overall systemic health. The focus of his practice is the relationship between oral health and systemic wellness, taking into consideration the mental, emotional and physical components. His patients’ overall health and well being is of utmost importance to Dr. Papoutsis.


A Registered Social Worker, Therapeutic Wilderness Facilitator, and Faculty Member of the Centre for Trauma and Embodiment at the Justice Resource Institute (JRI), Nicola has 20 years of counseling experience across many contexts.

With skillful embodiment practices, she creates an empowering space for her clients to access self-compassion and awareness.

This work enhances regeneration of neural pathways impacted by trauma, and can profoundly benefit those who have lost their sense of self, struggle with mental health challenges, self-limiting behaviours or beliefs, addiction and PTSD.

Her work facilitates a lasting sense of inner peace, connection and freedom, and tools for long-term navigation.